These pages summarise studies of the virus-host interface conducted by the Gifford Lab and our collaborators.

In these research projects, the database integrated genome screening (DIGS) tool was used to investigate the evolution of virus-interacting proteins.

GLUE Projects

A3-Evolution: an investigation into the evolution of APOBEC3G, conducted in collaboration with Kei Sato's lab.

IFNL-Evolution: [pending release 2021]

KZFP-Evolution: [pending release 2022]

Related Resources

DIGS for EVEs: Systematic screening of eukaryotic whole genome sequence (WGS) data for endogenous viral elements (EVEs).

Orthologous Clusters: This database catalogues the interferomes of 10 different species, each derived from cells in an antiviral state following stimulation with type-I interferon.

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This project is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v. 3.0.