The GLUE software environment for virus genomics

A flexible software system for virus genomics.

May 10th, 2018

Revolutionary advances in DNA sequencing technology have transformed the way that we research and monitor viruses.

This has been reflected in the development of a diverse range of virus genome data resources (VGDRs) - computational tools that facilitate the use of virus genome data in experimental research and public health. VGDRs are diverse - they may focus on any virus species or aspect of virus biology. Nevertheless, at their core, they typically operate on similar data types, using related computational processes. This means that in spite of the great diversity of VGDRs, there is room for the development of standardised approaches, and these can enable extensive re-use of code and vastly greater efficiency in VGDR development.

In my research group, we've been working for several years on ways to enable this. I'm delighted that we can now present GLUE a unified bioinformatics software environment for VGDR development.

Our manuscript describing GLUE is available here

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